Terms & Conditions of booking

To complete your booking request you must pay a booking deposit equal to 1 week’s rent. When your tenancy begins the booking deposit will be paid towards your tenancy deposit (which is also equal to 1 week’s rent) for new tenancies, or applied to your first rent payment for renewals, we do not charge any application fees.

To be accepted as a tenant on an academic year contract you need to be a full time student, or preparing to become a full time student. Exceptions apply in short term contracts and other limited circumstances, please enquire for more details.

When we send you an Accommodation Offer you and your guarantor have 20 days to complete the reference and credit check forms, and sign the documents. If for any reason we cannot offer your chosen room type, and you do not accept any alternative we provide then we will refund your booking deposit in full. This 20 day period does not apply for ‘late bookings’ received within 3 months of the tenancy start date – in this situation you will need to respond to all enquiries promptly to secure your booking.

If you do not complete the process in that time your booking will not be confirmed and the booking deposit will be non-refundable. We may be able to extend these periods in appropriate circumstances.

We also accept applicants with no Guarantor if they are instead using a commercial Guarantor service, e.g. Housing Hand, or if they wish to pay their rent in full and in advance of the Tenancy term. Please contact us at office@asncapital if you would like to discuss your options further.

A sample copy of the tenancy agreement that will need to be signed by you and your guarantor can be downloaded here: